Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A year since UlluTek was launched

It has been a year since we launched UlluTek on a shoe string budget. We had a very idealistic vision with UlluTek - an open source hardware company to bring bleeding edge technologies to the masses. We were very close to achieve our vision. However, we learn that hardware - especially a complex hardware - is not for the everyone.

The free software that we used - Weebly for our website, Google Apps for our team members, Google Analytics for our website tracking - continue to be our best option. In addition, LinkedIn proves to be the best way to spread the words. I amazed how little money it took to get a presence.

We are now embarking on a traditional business model - developing products and selling them. What a concept!!! But we have not given up on our open source idea yet.

Stay tune...

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