Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Should I Continue to Pay for Cable/Dish and Sirius?

I have just started to use Pandora with my iPhone 3G and I am becoming a big fan. It's commercial-free and customized to my likings. Unlike Sirius, it doesn't cost me a monthly fee and I can take this "radio" anywhere I wanted (at least in US anyway).

Along with the recent article on PC Mag, How I Slash My Bill with Tech, I can now have a quality TV and radio streaming with the high speed Internet, NetFlix, cellular/3G - all the things that I already subscribed to. The only missing puzzle for a sports nut like me is ESPN or other sports programming on cable/dish.

The one thing that I also need to figure out is how to make it easy to use - laying on the couch and flipping channels - for me as well as the rest of my family. May be a remote control that acts like a mouse as well??? Is there such thing???

In addition, would it be something that one could create a little consulting company on the side??? Thoughts?