Friday, June 12, 2009

We have been busy at UlluTek

For the last month or so, our UlluTek team are working hard on two separate projects. We have already revised our high level design a few times and are now zeroing the Bill of Material (BOM). Users can start download the BOM and block diagrams for one of our projects.

It has only been a little over 6 weeks since we embarked on UlluTek. To me, this is very significant since it'd take months to get to the same spot that we are today under a normal corporate development cycle.

Since our team is all virtual, we are using Google Sites for our discussions and intranet. It is working out better than I expected. We have had several internal polls for our team to vote on various stuff and they all went very smooth.

I continue to be amazed with so much free and accessible services out there. It helps to keep our overhead low and we should be able to pass on significant saving to our customers.

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