Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Slick Screen Capture - SnagIt

(Disclaimer: I have no business-relation with TechSmith. Just a pleasantly surprised user)

I just purchased a really slick screen capture utility, SnagIt, from TechSmith. This utility got several Editor's Choice from PC Magazine and Best of Year 2003 award. You can read more about the indepth review from the magazine.

My first impression is that SnagIt integrates with MS Office so that w/in PowerPoint, I can quickly capture a screen with a consistent size. Of course, I can do this with Ctrl-Print Screen or Alt-Print Screen and resize when I paste into PowerPoint. It can become a very tedious work for a large document.

Furthermore, SnagIt has a very powerful touch up tool for a captured screen with drop-shadow, jagged edge, etc.  Things that I have to open a photo-editing software program to do it.

The price is right - $40 for a single user and I bought 10-user pack for $200. Try it out!!!

Btw, if you don't want to shell out 40 bucks, Gadwin has a very nice screen capture that used to be free. Not sure if they charge for it now.

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